The 20th Year anniversary

The celebrations for Our Favorite's website

Well, it feels like it was only yesterday that I created this site and just a few hours ago that I celebrated the 10th anniversary and now it has gone 20 years. In fact, I had almost forgot the anniversary until I realized that it has been 20 years now.

As I wrote ten years ago, a rather simple site with some pictures called The Kes Photo Gallery has developed into something more, a website full of information about this amazing character and Star Trek Voyager as well.

Despite a lack of time in recent years, I have continued to manage this site which I'm actually proud of and will continue to manage this site. Hopefully it will keep the interest for Kes alive among the Kes fans and Voyager fans and also attract new fans for this great character.

As I wrote 10 years ago, there are a lot of people to give credit to. Sai Wong, who created the excellent Kes Internet Support Society, the site which gave me the inspiration to come up with something similar, but still different. The original "Lynx crew" (no, not the characters in the fanfic stories but some real people I know) who did come up with advices, suggestions, sharing of their HTML knowledge and much more and of course Jennifer Lien whose brilliant portrayal of Our Favorite Ocampa made the character to the fascinating character she is and most of all Kes herself, a wonderful character in the wonderful Star Trek universe.

And OK, let's give some credit to Rick Berman, Brannon Braga and Jeri Taylor too. This site hasn't always been nice to them and I still disagree with some of their decisions but we do owe them for creating this fantastic character in the first place.

And let us not forget the Kes fans all over the world who continues to visit this site. You're great, keep up the interest for Our Favorite!

The two pictures below were included on the Tenth Anniversary site and I find it appropriate to show them here again.

Kes looks at the website


Kes: "Captain, I just realized that it's the TWENTIETH anniversary of the Kes Website! Isn't it wonderful?"


The Twentieth Anniversary Celebrations

This time, the 20th year anniversary of the Kes Website took place on the evening of 9th June at the Deep Space Nine space station where Voyager had arrived after a successful mission.


Here we see Kes together with this evening's host Quark during the celebrations:


The high spot this evening was a performance from The Doctor who has started a new carreer when he has some time off. The performance was sceduled long before it was decided that the celebrations for the website would take place at DS9 in Quark's bar


The performance by The Doctor also included a duet with Seven Of Nine when they sung the songs "My Darling Clementine" and "You Are My Sunshine", just like they did at the anniversary ten years ago.

After the performance by "The Jimi Hendrix of the 24th century" which it was announced, Neelix just had to step up on stage and sing the 20th century song "Bed Of Roses" by Bon Jovi, however with some altered lyrics.

"For tonite I sleep on a bed on junk, say it again! Junk!"

Another high spot was a guest appearance by Enterprise Commander Will Riker and his band. The Enterprise happened to be at DS9 too and Riker's performance was a sort of surprise this evening.


Commander Riker did a splendid performance


Then Neelix brought in the the Jibalian Fudge Cake, this time with 20 candles.

Just like in the 10th anniversary celebration, Kes  hold a little speech about her appreciation of the website, received a boquet of flowers from the Webmaster  (who had joined the party thanks to Captain Braxton) and then she did blow out the candles.

Neelix watches when Kes blow out the candles (hmmm, some candles missing there, maybe they were blown away)


After eating some cake, Kes thanked everyone for coming, making the celebration of the website a wonderful party. Then Kathryn Janeway proposed a toast for the website.


The rest of the evening was spent with mingling and Dabo playing which pleased Quark who had been a bit annoyed by the long celebration ceremonies which "interfered with business". The Dabo tournament was won by Tom Paris without competition. However, when it came to playing darts, Paris had no chance against Julian Bashir and Miles O'Brien who ended up in top in the dart tournament.

An improvised Bathleth competition between Worf and B'Elanna Torres was won by Worf who obviously had more practis in this martial art.

Kes had a constructive discussion with Garak of the possibility for a market campaign of Style Ocampa clothes.


Maybe we can use the website to promote these clothes on Cardassia?


Then Kes and her friends lined up for this photo

Huh! I guess I got a promotion as well!