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Links to other Kes/Jennifer Lien websites

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Kes Internet Support Society (K.I:S:S) The best Kes/Jennifer Lien site on the web


Jennifer Lien-beyond the subatomic

Basic information about Jennifer Lien


Kes's Army

A collection of Kes's different outfits and information about them. Very interesting and informative.


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The Jennifer Lien Guide Information, biography, pictures


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ATHS Jennifer Lien Page A nice site with lot of pictures, information and other interesting items



Kes on YouTube:

Watch here and here



Links to Star Trek Websites

The official Paramount website


The Trek BBS Great site with news, comments and an active, friendly forum


The Star Trek Annotated Timeline and Reference table

by Win Eckert, a comprehensive guide to all Star Trek fiction that has been authorized and licensed by Paramount, including, but not limited to, novels, comics and short stories, all in the context of the timeline of the television episodes and films.

Excellent Star Trek site with episode guides, screencaps, multimedia and lots of other interesting things


The Mikejonas FAQ

This site (which has resurrected after being a "victim" for the closure of Geocities) has some interesting information about "the changes in season4".

Gazomg Trek Art

Lot of interesting Star Trek fan art and pictures