Season 4-7 (Kes related episodes)

 Scorpion Part II

Stardate: 51003.7
The ship remains on Red Alert after Janeway, in exchange for safe passage through space, reaches an agreement with the Borg Collective to help them fight Species 8472, a race more malevolent than their own.

Although Chakotay strongly objects to the unpredictable collaboration, Janeway and Tuvok transport, with great caution, to the Borg Cube. When a drone attempts to temporarily assimilate Janeway by connecting a neuro-transreciever to her, the alramed Captain convinces them to instead choose a representative to communicate verbally with her. Soon, a vaguely hum Borg emerges to speakl for the Collective; designated Seven of Nine, she helps tem ot prepare the enemy - but when she boards Voyager, the entire crew is on edge. Meanwhile the Doctor determines that the mysterious alien species is accessing Kes' memory.

Comment: The episode starts good in the first part but the story runs into some dead end in the second part. The potential of Species 8472 was never used.

Ratings: 1

Kesfactor: 4

 The Gift

Stardate: Unknown
Kes knows it's time to leave the U.S.S. Voyager whe her body goes into a state of cellular flux and she experiences uncontrollable psychokinetic abilities which endanger the ship. Before Kes has her moments of life as she knows it and enter a higher realm of existence, she gives her crewmates and exciting gift.

Meanswhile, Seven of Nine's human physiology befins to reassert itself and threaten her life. When Janeway instructs The Doctor to completely remove her Borg technology, a fierce yet alluring young female begins to emerge.

Comment: What a disgusting way to treat an actress and what a disgusting way to write off a popular character. The story is thin and only a bad excuse to get rid of Kes. Jennifer Lien's acting  is excellent as usual  but those who are responsible for this episode and for forcing her to participate in this execution of her character must be true sadists. The whole story is thin, unconvincing and highly unrealistic and should have been thrown in a trash can together with the pathetic lackey who wrote it.

Ratings: 0

Kesfactor: 5 (unfortunately)



"Kes" returns a vengeful woman bent on destroying Janeway and Voyager. Using her advanced mental abilities, "Kes" journeys into the past, intent on delivering the crew into the hands of one of their earliest and most dangerous enemies.

The person who wrote this episode must really have loathed the character Kes and tried the best to make the character as morbid as possible. The "Kes" seen in this episode looks more like Suspiria or some evil being from another dimension.  To turn Kes into some sort of maniac and not bring her back as a regular member of the crew was an insult to us fans who wanted Kes back. Not the come-back episode we wanted. Instead it was a spit in the face to the Kes fans who wanted her back, an insult that we will not forget. "Fury" is the worst piece of s**t ever made and should be erased from all tapes, DVD:s and whatsoever.

Ratings: 0

Kesfactor: 0 (I refuse to see the pathetic wreck in this story as the real Kes)


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