Kes stories

The adventures are not over for Our Favorite Ocampa


Coming Home

A story about how Kes returns to Voyager somewhere between season 6 and 7. This story corrects the damage made to the character in episodes like "The Gift" and "Fury".


Strange Dreams

This story is a sequel to Coming Home and takes place some time after "Endgame". Can the strange nightmares Kes are having show a way to rescue Janeway?


Kes's Vacation

This story takes place shortly after "Strange Dreams". Kes joins Janeway and the Voyager crew for a diplomatic mission and ends up on a strange planet with a deadly secret.


Gateway to the Gates of Eden

With a little help from some friends, Kes travels to Ocampa to save her homeworld


The Blue Flower Of Freedom

Will Kes overcome her greatest challenge?





New adventures for Kes



Kes Geschichten

Deutsche Ausgabe

Die Heimkehr

Seltsame Trume

Kes Macht Ferien

Das Tor zum Garten Eden

Die blaue Blume der Freiheit