Voyager Episode Guide

The episodes who are reviewed here are all the episodes in Season 1, 2 and 3 plus "Scorpion part 2", "The Gift" (Season 4) and "Fury" (Season 6). The episode guide texts was borrowed from a site called Star Trek Network who obviously doesn't exist anymore. However, I have found the same texts on several other websites on the net so I actually don't know who will have the credit for the text. When I find out, I will of course give full credit to the writer.

The ratings and the comments are all the webmaster's (or "Lynxmaster's").

Note that the episodes are arranged in stardate order, not in order of airings because the airings of the episodes did differ from country to country.


The following ratings have been used:

5 Excellent

4 Very good

3 Good

2 Average

1 Bad

0 Lousy (should have been thrown in a trashcan)


For Kes's appearances in the episode we have the following Kesfactors:

Kesfactor 5: Kes is the main character

Kesfactor 4: Kes is one of the main characters

Kesfactor 3: Kes plays an important role in the episode

Kesfactor 2: Kes shows up from time to time

Kesfactor 1: Kes is hardly to be seen

Kesfactor 0: Kes is not in the episode


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4-7