Voyager Book Guide

The books rated here are the books where Kes is on the ship. For obvious reasons, I haven't bothered to review books written after Kes's "exit" or any of the Voyager relaunch books.

The synopsis are from the book covers.

The ratings and the comments are all the webmaster's (or "Lynxmaster's") and are done in the same way as the ratings of the TV episodes.

The following ratings have been used:

5 Excellent

4 Very good

3 Good

2 Average

1 Bad

0 Lousy (should have been thrown in a trashcan)


For Kes's appearances in the episode we have the following Kesfactors:

Kesfactor 5: Kes is the main character

Kesfactor 4: Kes is one of the main characters

Kesfactor 3: Kes plays an important role in the book

Kesfactor 2: Kes shows up from time to time

Kesfactor 1: Kes is hardly to be seen

Kesfactor 0: Kes is not in the book

The books are very interesting, exciting and well-written. In many cases, like for example "The Black Shore" and "Marooned", the books are actually better than many of the TV-episodes and many of the book stories would have been great as TV-episodes.

But there are also some contradictions and odd things in the books, facts about our heroes which are not relevant to established Trek history and facts and in some cases one event in one book conradicts another event in another book. Some events, like when poor Harry Kim ending up in sickbay in many of the stories is also a bit......well, it just happens too many times to fit into the Voyager history. 

Some of the stardates in the books are also terribly wrong. As for the timeline, it is sometimes difficult to make the events in the books fit in the Voyager story as we saw it on TV especially when an event in a book which obviously takes place at a certain point in the Voyager story is a contradiction to a TV-episode which takes place around the same time. An attempt to create a timeline for both TV-episodes and books can be found at The Voyager Timeline.

Well,  let's go on to the books:



by L.A Graf

This is the story of Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the Starship Voyager. Transported by alien technology to the other side of the galaxy, lightyears away from the Federation and everything they call home, their voyage back will be a fantastic oddysey that will take them through uncharted space into dangers as they travel where no man has gone before.

Comments: The pilot episode, now as a book. This is indeed an excellent story and the book has details that we can't see in the TV episode. The book is well-written and as exciting as the TV episode. Some minor details here and there are a bit different from what we saw in the episode but does not ruin the story.

Odd things and contradictions: Janeway's dog is named Bear in this book. In later books the name is Molly Malone.  

Place in Timeline: Season 1. Exactly where the TV episode is!

Ratings: 5

Kesfactor: 4


2: The Escape  

by Dean Wesley Smith &Kristine Kathryn Rusch

The USS Voyager is in desperate trouble, her systems damaged, her warp engines failing. Without immediate repairs the starship and her crew will be trapped forever between the stars. Captain Kathryn Janeway must guide her ship to an ancient, deserted planet that could hold the key to their survival-a planet that is hiding more than one deadly secret.

Comments: Exciting with some unexpected twists and turns which is not surprising considering the plot itself. Episodes with parallel universes and time-jumps are often complicated but this one works out well. Tuvok is excellent in this book. Not so much Kes in the book though. It was also interesting to read in the book "Voyages Of Imagination" that the authors hadn't seen a single episode when she wrote the book because they started writing it before the first episode was aired, only having the scripts and some photos of the characters available!.

Odd things and contradictions: The Doctor is called Dr.Zimmerman in this book.  

Place in Timeline: Season 1. Between "Parallax" and "Time And Again". B'Elanna is Chief Engineer. Kes has not become nurse yet. Neelix is mentioned as cook but he had probably started dabbling with that before building the galley.

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 2


3: Ragnarok  

by Nathan Archer

Hopes flare for captain Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the USS Voyager when their sensors detect a signal that could lead tem to a way home. But as the Starship Voyager races to the source of the signal, the crew find themselves in thje middle of a arging battle between two warring races, a battle that has lasted for hundreds, if not thousand years.

Now, to find a way home, Captain Janeway and her crew must make their way through the most violent space-born conflict ever known-with both sides determined to destroy them.

Comments: The premise is good but the story  isn't really working. Exciting in parts but most of all a lot of shooting and running. Some of our favorites do act a little strange too, mostly Janeway who's acting very irresponsible. The reason for that might be that the author hadn't seen a single episode when he wrote the book because he started writing it before the first episode was aired and he only had basic information about the characters available according to "Voyages Of Imagination" Author Nathan Archer reveals that Kes, in particular was nothing like what he'd imagine from the script!. As for the story, Chakotay and Kim gets most of the action in the story.

Odd things and contradictions: Tuvok shows an impression knowledge of Norse mythology.

Kim is badly injured and close to death, a scenario which will occur in several books.  

Place in Timeline: Season 1. Between "Parallax" and "Time And Again", shortly after the events in "The Escape".

Ratings: 2

Kesfactor: 2



by Susan Wright

Under the guise of helping the crew find a way home, a group of aliens board the USS Voyager and then steal the main computer. To get it back, Captain Janeway is forced to negotiate with the thieves-who are from aconsortium of planets where thievery is a way of life. But as Janeway and the crew fight to retrieve their computer in thime to save the barely functioning ship, they become embroiled in a political battle that could not only destroy the USS Voyager, but the crew as well!

Comments: Very exciting and well-written even if the technobabble becomes too much from time to time. Some interesting twists and turns in the events. Janeway and B'Elanna Torres are the main characters but Kes plays an important role too. Author Susan Wright started to write the book before the series first episode was aired.

Odd things and contradictions: The Doctor is named Zimmerman here too.

The ship is described as becoming sentient at the end of the story. That was an idea which was never followed-up in books or TV episodes.  

Place in Timeline: Season 1. After "State Of Flux" and before "Heroes And Demons"

Ratings: 4

Kesfactor: 3


5: Incident at Arbuk  

by John Gregory Betancourt

Tracking a shuttle's distress call to the nearly deserted Arbuk System, the USS Voyager crew encounters an unusual weapon a thousand times more powerful than the Starship. Inside the shuttle, the crew discovers an unconscious alien and no more information about the device. Soon captain Janeway and her crew are attacked by a group of warships with an interest in the weapon's power. Now, with warp power off line, the crew of the Starship Voyager must finda way from saving themselves from a group of aliens desperate to control the superweapon.

Comments: Not so much action in this one but the story is good and there are some funny sequences here too. Tuvok's mind-meld goes wrong, not for the first time and Neelix is involved in some funny and exciting schemes. The Sperians are an interestin species because they are not so human-like as many of the species we encounter in Star Trek stories.

Odd things and contradictions: The stardate in the book is incorrect. Stardate 48135.6 is actually before Voyager left Deep Space Nine and ended up in the Delta Quadrant!

How did Paul Fairman succeed in smuggling his personal replicator from Chakotay's Maquis ship to Voyager when the Maquis ship crashed into the Kazon ship in "Caretaker"?  

Place in Timeline: Season 1. Between "Faces" and "Jetrel". The story must be set after after "Ex Post Facto" because in that episode, at least Neelix seem to be surprised when Tuvok wants to make a mind meld with Tom Paris. In this story, no one seems surprised over mind melds anymore.

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 3


6: The Murdered Sun  

by Christie Golden

When sensors indicate a possible wormhole nearby, captain Janeway is eager to investigate-hoping to find a shortcut back to the Federation. Instead, she discovers a solar system being systematically pillaged by the warlike Akerians.

The last thing Janeway wants is to get caught up in someone else's war, but to check out the wormhole-and to protect the innocent inhabitants of Veruna Four-she has no choice but to take on the Akerians.

But who knows what unexpected dangers lurk beneath the crimson glow of the murdered sun?

Comments: A very good and well-written book. The story is exciting from beginning to end even if the final twist in the tale is a bit predictable. Unfortunately, Kes plays only a minor role here

Odd things and contradictions: The stardate in the book is incorrect. Stardate 43897.1 is 24th November 2366 which is five years before Voyager ended up in the Delta Quadrant!

Chakotay's animal guide is described as some sort of mammal, possibly a wolf, bear or cougar. In "Pathways" we learn that his animal guide is a snake!

In this book, Kes and Neelix are obviously sharing the same quarters which they didn't do in the TV episodes or in later books.  

The Akerians have transporter technology, obviously there are some races who have such technology in the Delta Quadrant. Later on we'll encounter the Kirse who also have some sort of transporter technology.

Paris reveals that he doesn't like lizards. Later on, in the TV episode "Threshold" he is transformed into one!

Place in Timeline: Season 1. Between the episodes "Projections" and "Elogium".

Ratings: 4

Kesfactor: 3


7: Ghost Of A Chance  

by Mark A. Garland & Charles G.McGraw

Badly damaged by a close encounter with a dwarf star, the USS Voyager discovers a world being torn apart by awesome volcanic stresses. The primitive inhabitants of Drenar Four face extinction unless the Starship Voyager intervenes-something the Prime Directive forbids.

Captain Janeway's dilemma is complicated by the arrival of another starship. The Televek offer aid to both the Voyager and the endangered planet, but their offer may be too good to be true. Strange, ghostly visions trouble Janeway and her crew, warning them of danger to come.

Caught between uncertain allies and the threat of a global catastrophe, Janeway learns that the spectral warnings are very real.

Comments: Very exciting and well-written. The Televek are really mean villains who almost succeed in fooling our heroes. The end is a bit over the top but still acceptable.

Odd things and contradictions: Kim ends up in sickbay again.

B’Elanna Torres is the one who discover the Televek's true nature. Shouldn't Kes with her telepathic abilities have been the one who could sense their evil intentions?  

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between  the episodes "Non Sequitur" and "Parturition"

Ratings: 4

Kesfactor: 3


8: Cybersong  

by S.N. Lewitt

A mysterious signal lures the Starship Voyager  to an uncharted sector of the Delta Quadrant-and an enigmatic ghost ship floating adrift in space. Janeway mounts an investigation, hoping the alien may hold a clue to the whereabouts of the Caretaker's long-lost ship and his mate-the only known entity with the power to send the USS Voyager home.

The ghost ship appears deserted, but soon a strange presence casts an eerie spell over the hearts and souls of the crew. Unless Janeway can solve the vessel's mystery, Voyager itself may succumb to its haunting song.

Comment: A creepy, spooky story which is exciting but a bit slow in places. The end is a bit surprising, at least when it comes to Janeway's decision to finally solve the problem.

Odd things and contradictions: Kes and Neelix shares the same quarter here too which they didn't do in the TV series or in later books.

Chakotay states that "none of the former Maquis had betrayed the ship and none of them will". He obviously forgot Seska who had betrayed the ship somewhat earlier (according to the timeline, the events in this book takes place in season  2, due to my accounts between "Parturition" and "Persistence Of Vision"). He will also be dissapointed with Jonas later on.

Kim is injured and close to death here too.  

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between the episodes "Parturition" and "Persistence Of Vision".

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 4


9: The Final Fury  

by Dafydd Ab Hugh

For ages they have sought to claim our worlds. Now, at last, we take the battle to them.

Far from the Federation's desperate war against the invading Furies, the crew of the USS Voyager encounters something they never expected to hear again: a starfleet distress call. The signal leads them to a vast assemblage of non-humanoid races engaged in a monumental project of incredible magnitude. Here is the source of the terrible invasion threatening the whole Alpha Quadrant-and, for the Starship Voyager a possible route home.

But soon there may not be any home to return to....

The epic conclusion to the greatest crossover saga of all time!

Comments: Very well-written and exciting but should probably be read after the other books about the Furies to get a clearer picture of the whole story. The Furies are formidable enemies, definitely more dangerous than The Borg. Some events in the story are a bit unrealistic though. However, it’s nice to see Dalby, Chell, Henley and Gerron as important characters here.

Odd things and contradictions: Voyager going into the sun to hide from the Furies and the way B'Elanna is saved at the end.  

Tuvok mentiones that The Caretaker is the only species they have encountered in the Delta Quadrant who have transporter technology. Then he forgets the Sikaris (the episode "Prime Factors"), The Alcawellians (the book "The Escape) and the Akerians (the book "The Murdered Sun)  in which the events obviously takes place before the events in "The Final Fury". See the Timeline for further information).

Chakotay, Tuvok and B'Elanna are coming up with some quotes from Lewis Carrol's book "Alice In Wonderland" and B'Elanna seems familiar with the story. In the book"Marooned", B'Elanna don't know anything about "Alice In Wonderland".

Dalby, Henley, Chell and Gerron are important characters in this book but Gerron's name is wrong-spelled.

Place in Timeline: Season 1. Between the episodes "Elogium" and "The 37:s". Suggestion from Jeff Ayers, author of "Voyages Of Imagination" who wanted the story in the book to relate to the events in the timeline for the other "Invasion" books

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 2


10: Bless The Beasts  

by Karen Haber

In desperate need of crucial repairs, the Starship Voyager has come to Sardalia, a planet blessed with great natural beauty and apparently friendly inhabitants. The Sardalians welcome Voyager enthusiastically but Captain Janeway soon grows suspicious. The Sardalians seem almost too eager to help. janeway fears they are hiding some secret agenda. When Tom Paris and Harry Kim disappear while visiting the planet, the captain and her crew finds themselves caught in the middle of a planetary war-and faced with an agonizing moral dilemma.

Comments: Not so terribly exciting or action loaded but still an entertaining and highly readable story. The Sardalians are an interesting species and we also have an interesting Prime Directive situation here. Paris' and Kim's adventures on the planet are most exciting.

However, there are some annoying things. Janeway is in a bad mood most of the time and out of character, some situations seems to be repeated over again just to fill out the pages and there are some continuity errors here and there. However, the story itself is worth to read.

Odd tvings and contradictions: Janeway's boyfriend is called Mark Mason in this book. In "Mosaic" we learn that his name is Mark Hobbes Johnson.

Kim is almost drowning on the planet and ends up in sickbay here too.

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between the episodes "Parturition" and "Persistence Of Vision". Tom's interest in Kes and his decision to not take it further ("Parturition) is slightly mentioned.

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 3


11: The Garden  

by Melissa Scott

Desperately in need of vital nutritional supplies, the crew of the USS Voyager must risk dealing with an enigmatic race known as the Kirse, legendary for the bountiful crops of their world-and for their secretive ways. Despite Neelix's warnings, Captain Janeway leads an away team to the Kirse homeworld.

But when the hostile Andirrim attack the Kirse, Janeway finds herself caught in a deadly situation. Forced to fight alongside with the Kirse, Janeway and her crew can only hope that their strange, new allies are not more dangerous than their common foe.

Comments: A good written and exciting story with a surprising end. Not so much action until the final chapters but a slowly developing excitement is building up during the events.

Odd tvings and contradictions: Thilo Revek claimed that he was transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker four years before Voyager encountered the Kirse. That's not correct since Revek was in the Maquis when his ship was transported to the Delta Quadrant and the Maquis had started their actions in 2370, two years before Voyager arrived to the Kirse homeworld.

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between the episodes "Cold Fire" and "Maneuvers".

Ratings: 4

Kesfactor: 2


12: Chrysalis  

by David Niall Wilson

When the sensors of the USS Voyager detect abundant plant life on an unexplored planet, captain Janeway leads an Away Team in search of fresh food supplies. They find lavish gardens inhabited by an enigmatic alien race that holds the gardens sacred. The fragrant blossoms are beautiful, enticing-and far more dangerour than they appear. One by one, the Away Team begins to fall into deep comas from which they cannot be revived.

Unwilling to spread the affliction to Voyager, the Away Team is trapped on the planet until a cure can be found, but their investigation is perceived as desecration by the devout worshipers of the gardens. Pursued by a fanatical mob, slowly succumbing to the insidious effect of the blossoms, Janeway faces either a violent death-or an endless sleep.

Comments: A bit slow in places, not so action-loaded but creepy, a bit "psychedelic" and mostly exciting and well-written. In this book, the aliens on the planet turns out to be friendlier than expected. Our Favorite Ocampa plays an important role here with her mental abilities.

Odd things and contradictions: Tuvok makes a mind-meld with the Urrythian leader Vok. This time it works out fine which it doesn’t always do in books and TV-episodes.  

When they arrive to Urrythia in need for foodstuffs, Neelix mentions that the water supplies are running low too. I've always got the impression that water was no problem for Voyager. In "Caretaker" Janeway promised Neelix "all the water he could get" and nowhere else in TV-episodes and books are there any mentioning of water problems.

Kim breaks his leg in a cave and ends up..........well you know where.  

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between the episodes "Resolutions" and "Basics #1". The mention of a newborn baby in "Chrysalis" means that the episode must take place some time after "Deadlock", not between "Lifesigns" and "Investigations" as suggested in "Voyages Of Imagination". I took the liberty to place it between "Resolutions" and "Basics" where there's a four month long period where nothing is happening.

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 4


Her Klingon Soul  

by Michael Jan Friedman

Even light-years from the Klingon Empire, the Day of Honour remains an occasion of great importance. And sometimes honor is found in the most unexpected places...

B'Elanna Torres has never cared for the Day of Honour. Ashamed of her Klingon heritage, she regards the holiday as an unwanted reminder of all she has struggled to repress. Besides, something awful always seems to happen to her then.

Her bad luck seems to be running true to form when she and Harry Kim are captured by alien slavers. Imprisoned by the enigmatic Nograkh, forced to mine for deadly, radioactive ore, Torres will need all her strenght to survive-and her honor as well.

Comments: This one is absolutely great! Very exciting from beginning to end. B'Elanna Torres is the main character here but all the other characters have their share in this adventure too. Kim is a lot more active here than in most of the TV-episodes and Kes plays a very important role in how to solve an urgent problem.

Odd things and contradictions: The story about how Chakotay and B'Elanna Torres first met during a Maquis operation is totally different from the one told in “Pathways” I assume that the story in "Pathways" is the correct one.

The Nograkh are called the Risatti on the book sleeve but that name doesn't occur anywhere in the book.

The Devlin twins mentioned in the book are probably the Delaney twins.

The stardate in this book is 49588 which, according to my calculations is 3 August which should be the Day of Honor. Unfortunately a TV-episode in the beginning of season 4 gives the impression that the Klingon holiday would take place in the beginning of the year. I prefer to stick to the date in this books because there is actually an accurate date mentioned and the events in this story simply can't take place in the beginning of the year 2372 since Michael Jonas being revealed as a traitor is mentioned and that happened in July 2372. Besides that, this story is definitely so much better than the season 4 TV-episode.

Kim ends up in sickbay here too.  

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between the episodes "The Thaw" and "Tuvix".

Ratings: 5

Kesfactor: 4



by Jeri Taylor

Deep in the Delta Quadrant, a surprise kazon attack leaves Captain Janeway fighting a desperate battle on two fronts. While USS VOyager duels the Kazon warships amidst a gaseous nebula, an Away Team is trapped on the surface of a wilderness planet-and stalked by superior Kazon ground forces. Forced to choose between the safety of the ship and the lives of her friends, janeway relives the most important moments in her life.

From her childhood to her first passionate love affair, from her early triumphs to her greatest tragedy, Janeway's past is uncovered as she facse the choices that have made her the woman she is today, the woman who now must risk everything to carve one more pattern in the mosaic that is Kathryn Janeway.

Comments: This is also one of the best Voyager books. It tells Captain Janeway's story from beginning to end in flashbacks and there are many exciting moments there. The main story about some crewmembers stranded on an alien planet, hunted by Kazon warriors is excellent and very exciting.

Odd things and contradictions: In the book "Caretaker" we learn that Janeway doesn't like being trapped in caves and that she despised spending a night in a cave. Here we learn that cave-exploring and diving in underground lakes and rivers is something of a favorite sport for her!

Owen Paris is portrayed as a benevolent old man. Tom Paris' comments about him in several episodes tells another story.

Janeway had a brief encounter with Will Riker during her studying at the Academy. Unfortunately, none of them seems to remember that when Riker is transported to the ship by Q in the episode "Death Wish".

Gerron's name is wrong-spelled.

Place in Timeline: Season 2. Between the episodes "Meld" and "Drednaught". In "Voyages Of Imagination" the main events in the book "Mosaic" is placed between "Tattoo" and "Cold Fire". But the events in the book must take place after "Meld" because Tuvok's mind-meld with Suder is discussed by Kes and The Doctor in the first chapter of the book. The Trabe also appears in the book and Voyager had already had first contact with the Trabe in the episode "Alliances".

Ratings: 4

Kesfactor: 4


13: The Black Shore  

by Greg Cox

After weeks of lonley journeys through a desolate region of the Delta Quadrant, the crew of Voyager is badly in need of shore leave, so the planet Ryolanov seems just like what The Doctor ordered. Full of warm sunlight and gracious hospitable people, Ryolanov is a veritable oasis amidst the endless reaches of uncharted space.

Alerted by his spirit guide, Chakotay is the first to suspect that there may be a serpent lurking in this paradise, but he is not alone. kes must conquer her own fears to discover the terrifying secret lurking beyond the black shore.

Comments: A masterpiece! Definitely the best book of them all. Well-written and so exciting that I couldn't stop reading it until I've finished. Kes plays a very important role but all the main characters get their piece of the action. The main villains make The Borg look like a bunch of well-behaved schoolchildren .

Odd things and contradictions: The stardate given in the book is wrong. The stardate 491750 would place the events in this book shortly after the season two episode "Cold Fire" but the events in this book are clearly happening after Voyager left Kazon space. According to Memory Beta, the  stardate 50175 would be more accurate. See the Timeline for further information

Kim celebrates his birthday which according to my calculations is 5 March. According to official Starfleet sources Kim was born in 2349 so this is his 24th birthday.  

Place in Timeline: Season 3. Between the episodes "The Chute" and "Remember". Almost two months after Voyager had left Kazon space

Ratings: 5

Kesfactor: 4


14 Marooned  

by Christie Golden

When an alien pirate abducts Kes, USS Voyager takes off in hot pursuit, but the first rescue mission fails disastrously; an ion storm forces the shuttle to crash on an unknown world. Now Captain Janeway and her Away Team must embark on a hazardous trek through a hostile environment in search of a way off the planet, while Voyager commanded by Chakotay, confronts an enemy fleet in the depths of space.

Comments: An excellent book! Kes is abducted by a pirat who wants her for her beauty and have to use all her wit and courage to escape. The adventures of the stranded away team is very exciting and this is also a book which is very hard to stop reading. I didn’t until I was finished.

Odd things and contradictions: The stardate in the book is 50573 which places this adventure between the TV-episodes "Blood Fever" and "Unity". However, there are indications that this adventure takes place after the events in "Before And After". In "Voyages Of Imagination", the events in the books are placed between the episodes "Real Life" and "Distant Origin".

Dalby, Henley, Gerron and Chell have important roles in this adventure but the spelling of Gerron's name is wrong.  

In "The Final Fury"Chakotay, Tuvok and B'Elanna are coming up with some quotes from Lewis Carrol's book "Alice In Wonderland" and B'Elanna seems familiar with the story. In "Marooned", B'Elanna don't know anything about "Alice In Wonderland".

Place in Timeline: Season 3. Between the episodes "Real Life" and "Distant Origin". Definitely after "Before And After".

Ratings: 5

Kesfactor: 5



by Diane Carey

A hundred years before the Starship Voyager was transported to the Delta Quadrant, Liutenant Tuvok served under one of Starfleet's most famous officers: Captain Hikaru Sulu of the Starship Excelsior.

Now those days have come back to haunt him. While traveling through an uncharted nebula, Tuvok is besieged by recurring memories of his time with Captain Sulu-repressed memories that may well kill him unless their source is determined in time.

To save her closest friend, Captain Kathryn Janeway follows Tuvok to the century-old bridge of the Excelsior during a desperate battle. There Tuvok, Captain Janeway Captain Sulu and Commander Janice rand must face a menace to galactic life unlike anything known before....

Comments: Basically the same story as the TV episode but with more details. The main plot might be a bit weird but still it works fine.

Odd things and contradictions: Kes plays a more important and somewhat weirder role in this book than in the TV episode.

Place in Timeline: Season 3. Between the episodes "False Profits" and "The Chute", exactly where the TV episode is.

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 3


15: Echoes  

by Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Nina Kiriki Hoffman

The USS Voyager finds itself in a system where a planet might have existed but doesnt. Where the planet should have been, millions and then billions of people are appearing from nowhere and dying in the vacuum of space.

To solve the mystery and save billions of lives, captain Janeway will have to face alternate versions of herself and the crew of Voyager-not just one almost-mirror image, but many. Janeway will have to find a way to work with her alternate selves with whom she shares much but each of whom has a different agenda. At stake is the survival of Voyager and the lives of billions of innocent people.

Comments: This book is very well-written and actually exciting. But the many parallell universes and the whole scenario gives me a headache. Perfect for those who like such stories but not really in my taste  However, after re-reading it a couple of times, it's getting better and better.

Odd things and contradictions: A lot of such things on the many different Voyagers in this book. Two Keses on one of the ships, for example.  

Place in Timeline: Season 3. After the episode "Future's End".

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 4



by Jeri Taylor

A deadly encounter with hostile aliens leaves Captain Janeway's crew separated from the Starship Voyager and slowly starving to death in a disease-ridden prison camp. To keep up their determination as they plot their escape, the crew shares with each other the unlikely paths that brought them all to the USS Voyager-and the Delta Quadrant.

These are the personal stories of the command crew of the USS Voyager: a fair-haired youth who seemed destined for greatness...or disgrace, a troubled half-human woman who seemed at home nowhere in the galaxy, a traveler and treasure-hunter who found the greatest prize of all, a naive young man who lost his love in pursuit of his dreams, a Vulcan who formed a surprising bond with a human woman of courage and passion, a child-woman whose boundless curiousity led to a strange new world of marvels and dangers and the man who is perhaps closest of all to captain Janeway, the man whose unspoken dedication may hold the key to her survival...

Comments: The main story is rather thin and predictable but the flashbacks of our heroes previous lives before they ended up in the Delta Quadrant is highly interesting and entertaining. The stories about Kes, Neelix and Chakotay are the most interesting and exciting but a lot of good stuff and interesting details in the other biographies too.

Odd things and contradictions: In the book and in the TV-episode"Caretaker" we get the impression that Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres hardly knew each other but in this book it turns out that they had a brief romance during Paris's stint with the Maquis.  After-construction or..........?

According to the series, Tom Paris was an ensign on USS Exeter when he was booted out of Starfleet after admitting that he lied about the accident. In the book "Pathways" Paris was an ensign on USS Copernicus. I guess that the information from the series is the correct one.

Owen Paris is once again described as a rather nice and benevolent person. No good explanation why Tom disliked him so much.

Kes saves Jabin's life when the Kazon-Ogla who holds her as a prisoner are attacked by another Kazon sect. Would she really do that after being mistreated by the Kazon and wouldn't Jabin have treated  her better after such an event?

Kim ends up being badly injured here too!

Place in Timeline: Somewhere in season 4 or 5.

Ratings: 3

Kesfactor: 2